Tuesday, June 29, 2004

First day of blogging

29th June 2004
Did the scanning in the supermarket and S. wanted to scan baby H. but he has no code to scan ! H.s started walking 2 days ago and S's first tooth came out. S. watching 'reach for the skies' as loves air, space travel. SO some history and science rolled in to one.
Yesterday tried to do some sight vocab with space type words, but still not so keen, but he does know some. He's interested in the length of words, e.g 'jet' is very short. Still feel he s the only child his age not reading but I know logically this cant be right. But I don't want people to blame it on the fact he's not at school. At least the Swedes think 7 is a good time to start, so no pressure from their part, mainly from myself..