Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ramadhan 2011

This year I'm feeling the bigger boys are more involved in Ramadhan. Admittedly my general motivation levels have been on empty recently so I'm not talking about crafty activities. We tried to make some written goals at the start, and S wanted to fast the whole of Ramadhan and so far has managed with hardly a moan. M has also put up a good effort, but we have stopped him today as tempers seem to fray with his decrease in blood sugar level- which is contrary  to the point of fasting. H kept reminding him 'Are you fasting or starving?' adding to the general winding up that always happens in this house... He's been doing the 'chiri' sparrow fast, meaning until around lunchtime.
But the memories I hope they keep of their early Ramadhans, are of being out late at night to go to the masjid, or at sunrise coming back. It must be exciting being out at 4 am- but a little too exciting, as not for the first time, our car has been followed by an umarked police car. Maybe it's us living in a relatively 'white' area, or that our British car makes it look like S is driving/ joy-riding!