Thursday, March 29, 2012

To the allotment

we went, H and I (who was off school, sick, but was so enthusiastic about what we were to do that he wanted to come) and made the first fire of the year. He was not impressed in the end "Fail, fail" (too much newspaper and dried, old weeds and not enough big sticks) but it went better than last time's when everything was so damp.
I planted out the red onions which have been sitting on a windowsill, in their toilet roll pots of compost, growing unspeakably fast as if they needed to reach the sun by Easter. In between the rows, I planted carrot seed, as advised by YouTube star, Claire's allotments. The carrot flies hate the smell of onions and vice versa is the reasoning behind it. There's not going to be any flies though if the rain doesn't arrive and nothing has moisture in its stalks in order to poke up through the soil. I just had a bit of water left in some buckets that had  melted snow in to water the seeds; the water doesn't get switched on until sometime in mid-late April. The council assumes it'll rain before then, well this ain't Sheffield, it rains as often as it snows: very occasionally!
S's work experience has been a positive thing. He's not had to make tea for everyone nor clean the loos and best of all, not been left to twiddle his thumbs as they have had lots of relevant things for his abilities. Who wouldn't like to press those beepy scanners and announce you owe 26 kronor in fines? I think a major 'learning attainment' is an increase in confidence. They had to arrange everything themselves, and S, mashaAllah did all the approaching and talking. Many of his friends ended up in relative's businesses. He would've liked something relevant to his possible future as a Doctor, but Hospitals couldn't provide anything, nor the Chemists, but this is understandable. Funnily, shops have restrictions on under 18's handling payments at the tills, but this doesn't seem to be an issue at the library. I suppose £50 fines or £25 on photocopies would just not happen!
He has his last work experience day tomorrow. It's zoomed past. In fact he was ill on Monday, the day his teacher had come to 'inspect'. S had diligently tried to inform the library staff of his illness, and they finally answered the phone by about 1:30 pm. I was considering walking down there and telling them. Somehow perversely, it's reminding me of the time I was in the doctor's trying to book an appointment, and was told I had to phone their booking line. I would've phoned them, there and then, glaring at them in front of me as they answered my call, if I'd have enough money on my mobile phone.
Anyhow, they're quite laid-back down the library, and S would like to work there as a summer job. Abundant computers (plus, maybe, the presence of books) does make it an attractive workplace for a teenage boy.
He served our neighbour yesterday and now we know he's the man to ask about Apple computers as he purchased all the back issues of the relevant magazine.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Life moves on

S is in his second week of work experience, at the library. He is quite enjoying scanning the books and taking the fines. He even got a cup of Earl Grey today. I'll have to cut short as Hz is ill and has woken up for the 2nd time in an hour. We've all been ill recently, except solid old M.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Gardening has begun

So far, in order of sowing: leeks, tomatoes, parsley, lettuce, Jerusalem artichokes (I'm daring to plant them this year as they are hard to get rid of, apparently. But they are next to the mint and strawberries so I think they'll have a fight on their hands!).
I wish I had some photos, but it's been so long since I've used the proper camera that it'll take me ages to upload anything (I'd have to locate said camera first!).
I've also treated myself to some mini daffodils which look much like the pic at the top, except they're in a blue IKEA lemon squeezer pot,  which turn out to be Sweden's national colours!

As for the other growing beings in my house, things are plodding along nicely. Hz does his best to avoid going to the childminders, despite having much fun when he does go there. S and M continue to swim twice a week, and H is asking to start football...