Saturday, March 27, 2010

Forgive me if some of the photos are a little blurred...

but my mobile phone camera is a little limited, and life does seem to pass by in a bit of a blur at the moment.
Here is an example of Hz using a game as, well, it almost was intended, and not just as a floor covering.

and a large scale lego battle took up most of the living room the other day.

and I've been noticing in many blogs for a while the beautiful pictures of the emergence of Spring. So here is our Swedish, relatively late, contribution. In fact looking out for the 'Signs of Spring' is quite a national hobby. M plucked these snowdrops from our park outside, and I'm hoping he left enough for the rest of the residents to admire.

and Hz has a little bit of spring in his step (groooan, pun intended) as he heads off in the direction of the lollipop storehouse (corner shop).

Monday, March 08, 2010

This photo got deleted somehow..

but it says it all itself

I almost forgot to blog!

Again life has been keeping us busy, and we are trying to look forward to Spring as it edges it's way out of the grey snow. The greyish, brown grass may have a chance of becoming green if the temperatures decide to rise and the sun comes out for longer periods.
So here are some rather random pics from the last month or so.

Unfortunately this wasn't made by us, but by some creative neighbours tired of the usual snowmen and snowball fights.

Biryani however decided to get creative with the Stickle Bricks.

A trip to another nearby park which I only discovered recently (and have been living here 7 years!!) I was coming back from a bus stop after Hz's dentist appointment. I so rarely use the bus that it was a new route home. It's always worth taking a detour from the quickest route home and you may find things nearby you never knew were there.

The baking we did while the boys were in Legoworld...

And the thaw began (and then it snowed again) and now it's almost all melted. I thought I'd be v north European and fling a duvet out the window in the fresh air.

and with the thaw came the mud, much to the kids' delight!

Milkshake instructions that M made for himself.