Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cute phrases 2011

I am supposed, as a would-be writer, to write every day. Well, it's not been happening on this blog obviously, but the above is a typical view of my weekday mornings. (The Sweet peas are still coming, although not in such abundance).
Anyhow, here's a collection of utterances I've gathered from my big, dark blue week to page diary which is trying to organise my life (and not quite succeeding). I try to write them down as soon as I hear them as I'll never rember them otherwise. Does this count as my daily writing?  I have learned that this blog, and most others, can now be nobly called  a piece of Creative Non-fiction. That does sound posh, doesn't it!

M had some grammar homework involving superlatives. Biryani logically extended it to:”table, tabler, tablest.”!

For some reason she’d been talking quite a bit about death—I was “only a little bit old.”

She plays the game on ‘Martha Speaks’ website—“They know what ‘ex-aasted’ means and you don’t”
B --“angry, feel like you’re worried about something”
Was that ‘exasperated’, or ‘exhausted’ in a US accent? should check what my kids do online more often!

We are playing a game
me -“you’re wasting your time” (I don’t recall why I said this!)
B-“I don’t have any time, only if I hold the timer I do.”

He had lost his boot and straight away announced:” can’t find it anywhere.”
As if he’d really been looking everywhere for it, my foot!

Hz’s mispronunciations:
“I got a i lossy”-- Ice lolly
“Wishwasher” --Dishwasher
“Weewok” --Ewok (Star Wars)

Biryani made some instructions on how to make a stop sign: ’HOW TOO MEAC STOP SEIN’

I hope this post makes some sense. I've been called away to a bathing situation and so I'll just press publish.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I give in, Summer has gone

OK, it’s officially Autumn. Not because it's been less than 10C for five days in a row, but because I have carried out the biannual Cellar Mission. I have delved, cast aside things I never will understand why we kept, and hauled up dust-smelling carrier bags full of musty jackets and cheesy boots. I hope and pray there are a few pairs of matching gloves to be found when I work myself up to the next stage: getting the kids to actually try the winter attire on.