Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So Biryani isn't just memorising books

Biryani was in a very kind mood and actually carried out my suggestion to read poor, ill S, a story. She read a 'Spot' book straight through, and I thought maybe she'd memorised it. Then I tried her with some basic 'Kathy and Mark' books, similar to Peter and Jane . I was quite shocked, she read some books from the first two levels almost error-free and managed level 3 with a bit of help. By this time S had dropped off to sleep, much needed and Biryani was as pleased with herself as I was. I think my surprise comes after having gone through 3 boys learning to read. However they all get there in the end, don't they?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Get your jam and cream ready- it's a waffle!

Things are moving on and I haven't really been so much into blogging recently for one reason or another. My original motivation for blogging was as a record of how the kids grew up and developed, and true, it has been fun to re-read things and feel reassured that the 'bad' times pass. What seems like a problem that will never be resolved actually has it's place for that point in time, and is not actually going to last forever. Where the past is reassuring and the future so much an unknown, I'm trying to concentrate more on the present moment, as really that is all you can be in control of to a certain extent.
Anyhow, nowadays it seems like S is all grown up, out the door before I even get up and even the older 2 are getting themselves ready, only needing the odd reminder to get their P.E. kit ready. They now go on the bus in the mornings too, as the little ones (especialy Hz) are usually reluctant to go to the childminder's and so it all gets a bit stressful to have to be at school at a specific time. As it happens the school bus can only come at quite a late time and they usually miss the first lesson, but they seem to manage.
I have a separate post on Biryani that I started a while back, if only I can get my photos sorted out- the gadget for my phone to upload them to the computer has gone missing, and our 'new' camera- well I haven't got round to figuring that out yet-of course.
S is into origami ninja stars at the moment- I can't remember the proper name just now- but it's amazing what they can learn from YouTube!
And the garden, oh Spring, where are you? It snowed/ hailed/ sleeted today and really the poor grass is anything but green. My leek seeds are growing well and do have a fresh, almost fluorescent green colour. Let's hope they avoid destruction by young'uns. One has already been 'pruned' by Biryani's curious fingers, and M looked like he was compelled and could not resist touching them!
M, H and Biryani are now having a 'fest' - party, well it is Friday- Jumaah- and really it's just an excuse to eat too much junk. They wrote and illustrated invitations for each other - very sweet.
Today was the first proper day of potty training for Hz- he did quite well really- but had the familiar problem of not wanting to do no.2's in the pot- demanding to have a nappy on. He likes to go somewhere out of sight to empty the ol' bowels - don't we all?! Now I shall try and find some posts on Biryani's endeavours to become nappy-free. Although it doesn't seem so long since we were going through it, I can never remember the details (some sort of survival mechanism for mother's of more than one child?!).