Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A quick Poem

Just a quick poem I made up the other day while finishing my supper and relevance to H.

Life with a nearly-2-Year old

All drinks will be spilt
All items must be thrown
Things that can open will be opened
Things that close will be closed
All ‘Yes’s’ will be ‘No’s’
And all ‘No’s’ ‘Yes’s’

Tears will be smiles
Thoughts are second guesses
All anger will be love
All love will be shown
Life is one experiment
The answers yet unknown.

Strange experience now, all children are in school now, M and H at daycare and S at 'compulsory' school. So I shall start my Swedish course soon InshAllah.
H. very upset when I leave but apparently OK during the 3 hours and ate his lunch yesterday. However he doesn't look particularly pleased to see me when I pick him up. He's probably angry with me !
Home education on hold at the moment due to difficulties forming a group (i.e. most mum's working) and have missed this years application deadline (!). Anyhow S will still be getting his education in English from myself.
I have got S's new timetable which includes Somali, I shall have to double check that!