Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hafsah has arrived !

28 may 2006-05-28

Alhamdulillah I had a healthy baby girl on April 28th 2006. The whole pregnancy was pretty tough so no posts for the whole of it subhanAllah !
Hafsah is 1 month old now and i should try to start up my blog again although its a bit slow going, typing one handedly while holding her with the other.

Actually though mashallah she has been the only one happy to lie in her carrycot, just looking around, and also at night . I was concerned about the recent ‘cotdeath’ concerns about bedsharing (which I’ve always done with the boys in the early days). But with Hafsah I can put her back in her cot when she's finished feeding, (or when I wake up which I suppose is not so safe). Its all very confusing with attachment theories and ‘cot’ death theories changing year on year.

Actually on the nappy side we don’t look like we'll be sponsored by Pampers as she doesn’t get through so many and I've been willing her to do a poo all week ! We finally got a pretty small excuse of one just now, but we’re both relieved (pardon the pun) as the health visitor's check is tomorrow and I think its been a week since the last dirty nappy. I didn’t want another issue of her being ‘underfed’ like 2 weeks ago when she hadn’t gained enough to satisfy my health visitor. I was instructed to wake her up (WAKE HER UP !?) every 2 and a half hours in the day. She’s been going every 4 hours like a bottle fed baby which I was quite happy with. I should also be happy about the nappy changing situation, but its just so different to the boys that it can't fail to be a bit perplexing !

She’s started smiling now and again the other day and although most are probably due to the usual suspect (i.e. wind which is pretty lethal, maybe due to my keema based diet, Pakistani style), she did a really cute one , smily eyes too this evening.

Hishaam had gone backwards a bit wanting feeding rather than doing it himself, wetting himself, which he rarely did before, and wanting me to lie down with him at bedtime. Boys boys boys!