Thursday, August 05, 2004

Swimming continues but not for all

Their Uncle has been here this week so have not had a chance to go on the computer so much. S. has been progressing surprisingly well with the swimming. For a start I was surprised how willing he has been to actually go. He has only missed one session when it was a slightly colder and wetter weather. They haven’t actually done much swimming as such , but they are getting them confident in the water. Yesterday he almost dived, accidentally, into the big pool. It was supposed to be a jump but he slipped a bit ! This didn’t put him off.

M. has a plaster cast on his leg as he woke up the other morning in a lot of pain and could hardly walk. After his dad took him from pillar to post, they decided it was a problem with the way his foot was growing, and a cast would give it a rest I think. It should be coming off on Monday. At least he hasn't been so enthusiastic about the swimming, as obviously he’s had to forgo the classes.

H. just today came round to being alone with his Uncle, the day he was leaving. He was in tears for the first few days, and when I had to leave him for a few minutes (e.g. when I had a shower) he got hysterical ! Any potential kidnapper will be returning him pretty sharpish if H. has anything to do with it !
He is now starting to learn how to get off furniture as well as on. There seems to be more and more things that I can only do effectively whilst H. is asleep and his nap time is likely to get less and less (e.g showering, emptying dishwasher, washing the floor..) This also includes using the computer so I’d better get on with some of the afore mentioned tasks !

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