Friday, January 26, 2007

Problems with our computer/ broadband

but here's what I typed off-line a few days ago:

Some quotes from H: trying to say ’beginning’
Take 1:beninging
Take 2 denining.

‘Why you fasting, I want you to be near?’
(He thought I was farsting, but he’d rather I was nearsting I think!)

H asked me to put on his Thomas tank badge.
H ‘It’s night time, do it quickly!’
Me ‘What’s that got to do with it?’
H 'I don’t know.'

(Must be sub-conscious repetition of me moaning about being woken in the night by one of the children to attend to something or other!)

Have received one of the books on mutism the other day, and it was a bit more structured and ‘programmy’ than I expected. Something I would think would have been useful in my speech therapy days. I have managed to extrapolate a bit of useful info from it which from memory is the following (the author suggests getting a notebook and taking notes from the book, hmm maybe if the problem doesn’t improve in the next year or so, or if I miraculously have some free time)
Selective mutism is not very common (maybe why I never came across it in my work), and hence v little research has been done on treatment methods, sigh. The sooner it is treated, the better. (Maybe I should get my pen and paper out, and meet up with his nursery teachers). It may be an extreme form of shyness or a phobia of speaking in certain situations or to certain people. Moving to a new culture could contribute to it (He now will speak English to ME in front of the teachers, and Swedish to ME when no non-family members are there which is an improvement from refusing to make any verbalisation at nursery) Have still yet to finish reading the book. Anyhow having the second language does make it all the more complicated, and inshaAllah I hope something improves.

Hafsah still in the ‘I really want to but just can’t coordinate my legs yet’ pre-crawling stage. I‘m pretty sure she just can’t physically do it yet, rather than she’s just wanting to sit and chill, as she couldn’t even grab my glasses that I’d placed just that little bit too far away to be swiped. Normally these would be prime targets of acquisition for those deft hands of hers (or any baby for that matter), but it just wasn’t to be. Telling DH it’s just as well, as still haven’t fixed safety attachment to back of cooker, to stop it falling on pulling-up-on-oven door handle child. Pulling up to stand or even bearing weight on legs is just not the done thing just yet, Alhamdulillah.

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