Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sewing for dummies

(written yesterday, but had no internet connection)

OK, started on PJs despite what seems to be a somewhat sewing phobia. Felt inclined to do this as last night S's friend was staying, but was unplanned so he had no night wear. The few PJ bottoms we have were either in the wash basket or drying so they both ended up wearing the long shorts we have for swimming for their bottom halves!

I studied the contents of my pattern which thankfully only have one other language (Spanish) included, and then realised this is not a job to do with a currently, v jealous 2 year old around. Oh the glee that would result in tearing and scrunching the ridiculously thin tissue paper the pattern is made of. So now she has just fallen asleep and I so managed to cut out the pattern and see if it would fit on the spare bit of material that I will inshAllah try it out on.

I have to go to a meeting to inshAllah enrol H with the childminder (a muslim sister I know) so the next stage is ironing the pattern and the fabric (ironing another pet hate).


seekingtaqwa said...

so how are they coming along???

UmSuhayb b David said...

hehe*nervous laughter*, have ironed the pattern/material, now I have to work out how to fix it to fabric (thats with pins, right?) and cut it out. Plus there is only one pattern piece when the layout picture shows two so I'm assuming use the same pattern piece again, flipped over as it says 'wrong side' if I've read the key correctly...
Probably I'll be ringing my Mum!

seekingtaqwa said...

yeah you just flip the pattern over and cut a second piece...and I have to say you're good to iron the material...I NEVER go anywhere near an iron unless I absolutly have to.... :)