Monday, January 12, 2009

A bit of spontaneity

With an unfamiliar spring in my step, unencumbered by buggies, bags containing nappies and spare gloves, S and I set out for the library. We were out for only about an hour, but with only one child a request like ‘I wish I could throw a stone to see if there’s ice in that pond’ gave no reason to be denied.
Hz ‘s sleep pattern continues to worsen. It was gone 12.20 a.m by the time he slept the other night and then he woke again after only an hour. The miracles of thumb sucking have lost their appeal to him as I think his 2 bottom teeth make it uncomfortable to suck. So what sleep-inducing replacement? Moi! I shall probablyhave to do a bit of leaving him to cry, but shall wait till MIL is not here as I expect she would find it hard to leave him to cry.


muslimah trying to home edu said...

Assalamu alaykum sis, I haven't visited you for a while. :(
Sorry but here we got so busy with ASDAN and Calvert and Uk Curriculum etc...
The pic look so peacefull and the sky is really lovely, mash'Allah!

Anonymous said...

muslimah trying to home ed- wa aleykom asalam wa rahmatullah, It'd hard to find time tto write or read blogs myself at the moment, JazakiALlahkhair for stopping by and commenting!

ummrashid said...

Beautiful picture, maashAllah.