Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gradual recovery of photos..

Spot the difference:
(see 9th March post) Yes, we have no TV. It broke down and miraculously DH agreed to see how we manage without it until after the summer. The TV licence people are persistant, asking me several times, well what are you going to do with the TV set. They could hardly believe we would just let the repair shop throw it away andnot get a replacement.
Bonus points for rhose that spotted the neat bookshelf (a rare moment captured on film)

and my spring bulbs, and do I know it that I need Ramadhan to come around quickly.

Tomato plants have died (there may be hope for one or two (possibly, inshaAllah). They got frazzled on my balcony as I forgot to water them for 2 days and it has been exceptionally sunny. They didn't even get photographed. I think I'll get over it :(

Today the reality of my non-green fingeredness was heightened by a brief trip to a very pleasant herb garden to pick up S. He'd been staying with his friend tha last couple of days. Hz has been ill with a cold/ high temperature so couldn't stay out for long. (M too saw the illogicality of the name of the illness 'cold')


ummrashid said...

I love the use of the teapot! A tv break, great idea. Suppose you get even less computer time though!

UmSuhayb b David said...

ummrashid- esp now Biryani is in to the computer its hard to get on it without tantrums. That's even though DH ressurected the old laptop (which is painfully slow for some of their games, amazing what we get used to)