Tuesday, July 28, 2009

With great difficulty I got online..

I’ve been wanting to blog for days now, just things happen and there’s neither time nor energy to document anything. Just barely enough to live it..
We’ve started swimming school, and S’s been having mixed feelings, (tiredness, trepidation..) however the last were positive as his teachers have been pleased with him. As the other children have failed to turn up he’s had 2 personal teachers. M’s group was also scantily attended so there’s one to one teaching.
We went out on another one of my ‘walks’ (kids must wish I had never done Duke of Edinburgh’s award). We took the fishing nets in a hope to do a bit of river dipping. I wish I could show some photos here, but I couldn’t locate the battery charger for the camera. The stream where we normally baffle passing Swedes by playing pooh sticks had almost completely dried up. Either it’s the recent hot weather (although there has been quite a bit of rain recently) or maybe the nearby housing developments are taking it? The flies and mosquitos were bothering S a lot, so we walked on, and did find a bit of stream with enough water to contain some animal life. Some, what I assume were minnows ,seemed uncatchable (I feel there’s a proper word that I could use instead but it escapes me) but they managed to get some insects, dead and alive and plenty of stones. We continued to the man-made playground (as opposed to the natural one of the woods and streams) as the mosquitos were just too much. Biryani ran with me to empty the jar of wildlife into the river as I suddenly remembered the lid was on tight and they might run out of oxygen. (H thought they’d be alright as they had water as well!). As I ran along with her, having left Hz in S’s care, she looked so adorable with a cheeky grin tightly holding my hand. Sandals had been cast aside, as do most of my children nowadays. (Too much Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer having been watched. I keep reminding them that even he had a bath once a week.) On the way back she ran independently, and the easy flow of running showed that she’s now transitioned fully away from toddlerdom.
Today’s been a bit of a Lemony Snicket day as we got most of the series of Unfortunate events Books PLUS the DVD out of the library. S has also just been constructing a grappling hook out of wool and pipe cleaners.
M has just announced Biryani is counting our spoons. I thought I heard them being banged about, so at least a second wash for them is worth it.
Oh no they’ve now just been thrown on the floor and gathered up by M to show me.
They’ve been keeping up with bits of study (Arabic reading, Quran, English) and actually asking to do it. Before you faint, they’re only allowed their computer time if they’ve done something brain-worthy.
Hz’s communication is coming on, he whole hand points, and now says ‘ooh’ for pain, and anything hot and sometimes just for the sake of it.
Car is fixed finally, so hope we can have some excursions inshaAllah.


ummrashid said...

Lovely, maashAllah.

muslimah trying to home edu said...

Salamu alaykum ukhti,
last time I read your blog was back on the post about 'Summer Holidays' I think. Long time! Love to read you and see how thing goes in your part of the world. Mash'Allah!

BTW I forgot to say, my blog is now restricted. If you like to be one of the readers drop me a line, even from the Muslims and Home Education Group is fine.
Wa alaykum assalam

Umm Adam said...

I've tagged you for the Mom of the Year award, take a look at my blog :)