Saturday, December 12, 2009

As time is short, just some pictures

Some sunlight appeared today, so despite sore throat, I took them down for some Vitamin D and very fresh, chilly air.

and some 'cocosbullar' S made fairly recently, and are v tasty, needs no cooking, fairly healthy as mostly porridge oats (well sugar and butter too) and a good one for little ones to help with. If anyone wants a recipe let me know and I'll translate it, inshaAllah.

S wanted me to take this one to show the speed of his rolling of the balls...

A 'mafs test'. created by H, and looks like it was M who did the answers.

and Hz, sporting just what he needs to retain those brain cells. ( Yes giving him a big, padded space suit to wear has crossed my mind!)


muslimah trying to home edu said...

Assalamu alaykum ukhti, mash'Allah the pictures are so beautiful.
Are you having a stick on your left hand? Ready for actions...:)
Could I have the recipe for your cocosbullar pls?
wa alaykum assalam

Louise said...

wa aleikom asalam, LOL no it isn't my hidden disciplinary weapon!! I think it was just my glove, elogated by the winter sun, mashAllah.
I'll try to do the recipe soonish (our internet isnt working o in the library now)