Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some photos, inside and out.

The beech trees on the way to the main library, aptly named 'bok' in Swedish which also means 'book'.

This is why I don't make many phone calls (although I want to stay more in touch.) The new play material, Weetabix.

Biryani, always willing to give the plants a water. The tomato plants are not doing too well this year. They got, according to my research, sunburn, or maybe they found it too cold at night, or just were in shock at being transplanted. The Spring this year has been particularly cold, normally it's like Summer by now, but you still need a coat on if you're outside for a while.

and Biryani's self-created art exhibition...


ummrashid said...

Even the red sticky tape makes a statement, maashAllah!

Umm Tafari said...

As salaam alaikum,

You are such a patient and nuturing mother to give all that space for the pots, maashaa Allah.

Anonymous said...

ummrashid- yes it's supposed to be some kind of duct tape for DIY but somehow it's getting used more by the kids! Needless to say though the exhibition is no longer up and running (well if you leave anything at about 1-2 year old height level it's going to be 'removed'.

Umm Tafari - wa aleikom asalam wa rahmatullah, it's v kind of you to give encouraging comments, but maybe the camera is lying ,patience is not my strong point;)