Friday, June 04, 2010

Memories of inside

We're coming to the end of the school year, and the beginning of the summer holidays. The sun has come out these past couple of days, but up until then it's mostly been grey/ rainy.
So here is a selection of how things have generally been recently inside the house.

I haven't been baking so much recently but made a chocolate pie which was a first which also had marzipan in. Sprinkles on top always add to the delight.
Hama beads are always a hit on a rainy day, and I made a number sign for our allotment!
Latest craze is Bakugan, with its terrible cartoon series, but at least they are playing together, sometimes harmoniously and doing lots of mental maths to see who has the most points, or is it ability score? If I hear the words 'Ability card activate, Bakugan brawl' again I shall go mad! Even Hz has his own now (although currently lost somewhere in the abyss of kids' mess) and says 'Gaan, Gaan'
Biryani gets the playdough out now and again, and I tried making it pink with Beetroot juice (trying to find alchohol free colouring) and it did work OK mashaAllah.

We had been thinking to change the rooms around to somehow give more space/ privacy to the older ones. In the end concluded that the sofa is too large to fit anywhere else and really not much can be changed. So I thought the only other option is to get rid of stuff. However Hz thought better and then proceeded to play with the barely usable toy buggy for a good half an hour or so (which is a loong time for him) which he'd extracted from the rubbish box. It's like that when you want to get rid of stuff the kids suddenly see the toy (junk) with renewed interest

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ummrashid said...

I remember coming to the point where nothing more could be rearranged, restacked or reorganised.
May Allah give you something better soon.