Saturday, July 03, 2010

A strange Midsummer...

It's been extremely dry and warm which is quite unlike the usual late June weather. I noticed there were fewer varieties of wild flowers to pick this year, maybe due to the heat, or the cold Winter we had. It's hard to believe it was so cold and snowy as I sit inside typing this as it's just too hot to go out just now (for me anyway!)

I haven't been online so much recently, I got a letter from the council about the allotment. I had to remove the tyres I'd thought would be good to grow potatoes in/use for raised beds- I'd read about this use for them in Gardening books, but apparently they are too unsightly. I think as much as my neighbours assorted 'furniture' and old fridge they have in their allotment, and at least there should have been green leaves adorning them. Also they've said I need to get rid of the weeds, so have been trying to get on top of this problem. This, however, was something I needed a proverbial kick up the backside to get on with.

So the 'harvesting' slowly trickles in. I have learnt a lot as the second lot of radishes are much better than these. I prepeared the ground better and sowed less thickly, and they did have warmer weather to help them grow.

and now we have a good supply of salad leaves. Anyhow hoping inshaAllah next year I'll be more organised and have more plants than weeds rather then vice versa!

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ummrashid said...

MaashAllah, a good result!