Friday, December 03, 2010

It was blog or clean the kitchen floor, guess which won!

I had to document the amazing ability of a 12 year old boy to clean up the living room. The only thing missing is the 'before' picture. I recall the reward for this was some computer time.

And below are some of the various activities that go on, on our kitchen table, besides eating:

Some late pictures from Eid. I now realise that as long as it's pink, Biryani will be happy!

and now we have some hyacinths slowly growing, keeping the restless gardener calm(er). There's not much to do outside, what with the weather (snow being rather non-news I suppose in Sweden).

but these roses show the snow has come a bit earlier than usual

and here is a picture of one of the 'mobile nurseries' that they have in our city. I was on my way to order some new glasses. There is such a demand for childcare that they can't build enough premises and so bus the little ones around to different parks etc. It's quite a good idea, with on board tables/ facilities, but when I took this was maximum -7 C and they were all cosy inside the bus with the engine running. Not a soul in the playground nearby- I'm not surprised. As I was walking to the opticians I felt the rushing co-pedestrians thinking to themselves: 'Blimey, it's cold'. Waiting at the pedestrian crossing, I sneaked a quick 'dragon-smoke' breath, and then rapidly remembered I'm not 7 any more.

and now the shops have run out of sledges- well at least the reasonably priced ones- and we have only one intact, uh oh!
Anyway, now time to, er, ignore the kitchen floor a bit longer.......


Umm Tafari said...

As salaam alaikum,

So pretty in pink, maashaa Allah. What are those pink toys btw?

ummrashid said...

The living room picture was very impressive. Previous pics of Hz's antics can stand in for the before pic!!! Maybe he's growing out of the messiest phase anyway,(as far as that ever happens)?

Anonymous said...

wa aleikom asalam!
Umm Tafari- did you mean the chair ones (they are red my end)?- they are a promotional toy given out by a newly opened furniture shop- coloured maize puffs which stick together when moistened. The chairs led on to building of , er, guns, and more guns by the boys:(

ummrashid- Hamza has emptied his clothes drawer 2 times in the last hour or so- I'm almost giving up on the house to be honest,it's anti-progress whatever I do!UmmSuhayb