Thursday, May 19, 2011

I know it's a been a while..

but the quest to obtain the appropriate wire to upload my photos from the camera, or to install the right driver to get photos off my new phone is dragging on. I am not good at writing blog posts without some visual reminders of what's been going on in this neck of the woods. So here is a photo sent to me by email from DH's phone, showing the progress of the work he's currently doing trying to make the allotment 'rabbit-proof'.
One side was easy to dig but this has lots of roots so needed a pick axe. Next some wood has to be placed in the trench so the lil' bunnies can't burrow under the fence. Well I hope this works, otherwise the other allotment holders recommend just planting extra so that you have some left after the rabbits have had their fill.
Last year they came in but didn't appear to eat anything, but then it was mostly weeds and I have heard before that they don't go for lettuces, which was the most successful crop. However I want to grow Kale and other brassicas this year so a fort knox approach is needed methinks.
Today harvested the first of the baby spinach which was as good as shop bought, and at about £2.50 a box made me feel it was worthwhile. Spinach is to be added to the 'gardening-for-dummies' list, along with radishes, mint, chives and lettuces. We also picked a few radishes although they were a little small. The potatoes are looking healthy so I hope to have some new potatoes with mint by midsummer inshaAllah. This is where photos would have been a plus..
Yesterday we had the annual 'KalvinKnatet' running race where hundreds of kids in Skåne run approximately 1500m, all receiving a medal, T-Shirt and chocolate milk (this is sponsored mainly by the region's dairy). H and M did their best and came somewhere in the middle. One of H's friends came around number 7 which is very impressive, mashaAllah.
Hz almost potty trained- just no.2's to go- he insists on having a new nappy on for this-aargh.
S is a teenager soon- aah teenagers and a two year old within the same four walls. Having a chuckle at this!


ummrashid said...

The allotment is going really well, maashAllah! The soil looks a good colour.

UmSuhayb b David said...

wa aleikom asalam, actually it's quite heavy soil, but at least the spinach seems to like it,(with a hint of cow manure added!)