Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer hols- still lots to do locally

Biryani and M help out making the potato salad- made totally (save mayonnaise and black pepper) of allotment harvest- new potatoes, chives, and onion.
Here is where they get to cool off when we don't get to the beach/ pool/ water playground; a cheapo, tincy pool. Admittedly, the hose plus attachment, usually reserved for watering the plants, was the most entertaining. Well, who doesn't like making rainbows, or your sister scream by spraying her back with cold water?!

Yes! Biryani can now swing (without needing to be pushed). She happily swings back and forth for ages, and so trips to the park are much more entertaining for her nowadays.(The same cannot be said for indoor activities. The phrase 'I'm bored!' pops out almost every ten minutes.)
She wants to play a game with me (as she has no sisters, she complains, and I am a more worthy subsitute than any of the brothers). But it cannot be just any old game; it has to be one she's never played before. The same goes for computer games, which means the computer is not such an easy thing to keep her occupied while I make a phone call/ cook dinner/ have a shower etc! We must head to the main library which has board games you can borrow...(books, they're old hat, you know)

and the boys jump about in the forest playground, found in the middle of suburbia- fun!
So only 6 weeks of hols left- we've had 3 and a half already- what shall we do?


Judy Adamson said...

Maybe compiling some sort of scrapbook or collection (of leaves or dried flowers?) would keep Biryani busy for a while?

ummrashid said...

I like the idea of borrowing board games. Some are played so infrequently borrowing would be better than storage! Doesn't the library get a problem with lost pieces?

Anonymous said...

Waaleikomasalam. I don't think you can take thr games have to play them in the library.don't talk to me about lost things, a library book has gone Awol ,any common hiding places for books? I've tried under mattresses but to no avail.....ummSuhayb

ummrashid said...

Lost books could be mixed up with a big pile of your own books, or in a drawer.