Thursday, March 24, 2005

Acute department (Again)

I haven't written a post for a long time, things have been very difficult recently, husband away a lot, chicken pox, the usual colds. Anyhow I think the last time I wrote it was about peas, now H had another trip to exactly the same room as he was damaged by the living room radiator. I did not see what happened but S was apparently carrying him and slipped and bumped into the rather pleasant looking but obviously lethal old fashioned radiator. H sustained a bad cut to his top lip and resembled a rugby player who had come off worse in a brawl. Blood was everywhere and he was screaming so much the nurse on the end of the emrgency number could barely hear me. In the end I took him in the ambulance, and one of the worst parts was having to leave the other two alone in the flat with the neighbours (who I could not ever say are friends unfortunately. Maybe this experience could be a help) popping in now and again. Anyway he was seen very promptly, given a sedative and then being uncharacteristically friendly to the doctor and nurses due to the drugs, soon changed his mind when the anaesthetic was given, and stitches sewn (4).
Now he has a very swollen top lip and when we got back home he had his first ever proper tantrum, as I had had to take my mobile phone away from him. (I found out later this mood swing was due to the medication). Screaming, hitting, scratching, throwing of remotes controls ensued. I had never seen him this angry.
Now he is ok but I'm not looking forward to when he has the stitches removed.
Despite this major setback H is talking a lot more now: "juice", "computer" (puter), "go out", "go up" and many more. He's also being like M and potty training himself, as he undresses himself, including nappy. The only drawback is the lack of potty. It's somewhere in the cellar, but he actually manages quite well on the toilet, and if he doesn't succeed on one he toddles off to try on the other one !

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