Sunday, September 24, 2006

errrr my brain is imitating cotton wool

to join in my computer is also being v slow so not much is getting done, slowly. Have had some bad nights with Hafsah. I'm tryingnot to feed her every 2 hours /as she's demanding) I was not bothering to check the time before and just feeding her, but I decided enough is enough. She does fall asleep without feeding in the day quite well so I don't know why it's sucha problem at night. Basically I'm finding it hard to say/write much coherently. Have fiddled arounf with comments settings recently and must have disabled them or something, but hopefully things are back to normal. I don't really know what I'm doing technically withthis blog, like do I have time to read all the stuff about it ? MashAllah Hafsah's watching Taraweeh prayers on the tv. Ihaven't fasted I feel dizzy from exhaustion. Poor kids are getting the brunt of my tiredness as hub is away. Did try out the 'story bag' idea which M enjoyed and did get them quite excited.
That's it, I may start dribbling over the keyboard withtiredness..

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