Monday, September 18, 2006

Seemingly endless colds.

Every morning I’m waking, hoping to find my cold symptoms, and the kids’, to have disappeared. But no, the sniffs and coughs still persist, so I don’t know if it’s some post-viral infection or something, or maybe just the consequence of the children coming into contact with so many different children combined with my immune system being less than adequate due to sleep deprivation. I think I’ve been like this since M was born, every winter getting an ongoing cold. I remember asking my GP if she thought I had anything wrong with my immune system but she almost laughed it off, and after seeing that documentary about the boy in the bubble who had NO immunity, I realise I must have something working , Alhamdulillah, but not as much as pre-children when a cold would last a week tops.
H’s still very excited by initial letter names of family members’s names, he asked me today ‘What’s Dadi Hazoor’s (grandmother) colour?’ I was baffled for a few moments and then realised he was referring to the painting he’d done with me last week of the different letters in different colours. He also got v excited by ‘Countdown’ today which I switched on at a point where I just had to collapse on the sofa (throbbing head etc) and it was quite a productive time, H spotting all the letters he knows, M doing some exercise, running up and down until the clock stops ticking and doing a funny pose at the v. end, and S managed to spell a few words. In fact it was the first time I managed to think of a word that was the same as one of the contestant's ! (they must have been having an off day too with only a 6 letter word !)
M and S almost spurring each other on with Surah learning (and me as they are doing the ones I don’t know) I think S may be a bit concerned M will overtake him so InshAllah it will encourage him to practise.