Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tiredness just doesn't describe it

Almost falling asleep while standing in Isha prayer? This has happened to me in Fajr before but not in Isha and not whilst standing ! Reminds me of the alarm tone I have on my mobile which is the Fajr athan, prayer is better than sleep, and if I keep repeating it maybe my body will listen !!
So to be brief, I am having to deal with some premature 'terrible twos', type stuff, not wanting to eat so much, tantrums/ sulks to a certain extent , oh and that's just me :)
Biryani wants to go out at any given opportunity and will let you know her dismay as you hastily make your way out the flats to the car without her.On a more positive note , female tidiness is being sorted out, putting¨shoes on the rack and even imitating me emptying the sand into the bin a few hours after she'd seen me do it . The usual scattering of mouldy socks, wellies and carelessly discarded jumpers of the male variety are what normally adorn my floors.
S wants me to wake him so he can catch lailitul qadr, we'll see if he'll be rousable at 2 am??!
Usual rush now, thinking of zakat ul fitr as should be paid before Eid, and Eid preps, although regards the latter I feel that this time should be more spiritual than ever. H's teacher asked me if I was crossing off the days, I replied 'No' but my kids are.....

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'EF' said...

That is so sweet about the sand being emptied into the bin! xxx