Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Nausea and potties don't mix

Finally got round to writing something, my brain’s been pretty foggy the last 2 months, because I’m now about 12 weeks pregnant. Just rang the midwife and she was surprised I hadn’t yet contacted them. TBH I haven’t felt p to going out much, and they make you do this awful diabetes test, involving an early start, no breakfast and a sickly sweet drink. I don’t think I can go through with this until the nausea goes.
Anyway back to the kids, Biryani’s making leaps and bounds with her speech, finishing the ends of words a bit better now, using verbs such as ‘look’ ‘run’ and ‘move’!. She also managed to use the potty properly for the first time yesterday, all credit to her. Every time I change her nappy she runs off to the bathroom saying ‘potty potty’. I don’t want to start potty training until the floors are relatively clear of toys etc so that accidents don’t cause a real mess, but this will require me to have some consistent energy to keep on top of the mess (which is often caused by dear Biryani herself as she searches for the ultimate toy in the toy cupboards.) Weaning still proving difficult, though we’re down to max 2 feeds a day.
H home with a cough and now diarrhoea. S has a swimming test today at school. He has to do it if he can move to the next class apparently. My writing energy is all used up I think although there’s lots more I’m sure.


Oum Anas said...

Assalamu aleikum

Mashaa Allah, may Allah make your pregnancy and delivery easy, ameen.

The midwife was surprised you didn't call before 12 weeks?!! How about 20+... lol. Last pregnancy I got a lecture from the midwife about pregnancies after the third child having more risks... bla bla.

Is the diabetes test routine in Malmö?

ummrashid said...

Well done b for the potty. U is so proud to wear a nappy.

UmSuhayb b David said...

wa salam aleikum! I've not heard that one about those after third more risky, was the midwife a muslim? My 4th pregnancy was often looked on in almost shock by the Swedish midwifes. I'm waiting for the look on this ones face when I say its the 5th!!
Yes its routine test here and wondering how to avoid it, my friend in the UK actually got diabetes late on in pregnancy and this test would have missed it as it's only done once in early pregnancy.
Re nappies, I know a couple of 3 year olds here who prefer their nappy still and to be honest later potty training is usually less stresful, that's why I havent actively encouraged her.