Sunday, December 23, 2007

Some may put it down to schooling, others to our limited outdoor activity due to my 'condition' but is it an age thing? Yesterday, unless S had some sort of flickering screen entertainment, he would complain endlessly of being bored. I don't know why he bothers telling me as I'll only think of something more boring (according to him) to do. Or maybe it's this addiction that was talked about on Channel 4 news today?!

But although today too much time was again spent on the Xbox, they did spend quite a lot of time reenacting the game with their Lego, enough to complete 36 levels in the living room and hall, apparently. Let's hope some team building/ co-operative skills (if I shout loudest we'll call the Lego man 'Anakin' OK?) were learnt as well as imagination (The Ikea sofa back pillows have been used to make a great canyon).

Must go out tomorrow, if I catch a glimpse of the sun that'll be a plus, but it's like it doesn't exist right now. Anyhow there should be enough light from all the electric powered stars in the curtainless windows, and noise from the fireworks that will probably start tomorrow (Christmas Eve, which I only just realised is the big deal here rather than the 25 th- 5 years here and I just realised, that's why shops are shut or are open only half a day or so), leading up to big climax on New Year where you'd be forgiven for thinking a minor war had broken out (people round here have money to burn it appears).


ummrashid said...

J and R rarely complain of boredom, Ia pretty much never does, but U gets bored. She is too little to join in with what the other 3 do and she gets fed up of doing things by herself.

'EF' said...

I know what you mean. These dark days of soggy winter I've been relying heavily on the flickering screens and dvds galore. It doesn't exactly help in the long run, and the kids do complain heartily of being 'bored' the more teevee they get, but in the short run it is necessary if I am ill/distracted/busy. I am intending to wean them off the screen stuff as the days get lighter.

Good news is that the snow should be here soon! Endless outdoor fun.