Friday, March 07, 2008

A bit on the younger ones

It’s over half-way now till D-Day and it’s getting harder to hide the bump. H’s nursery teacher guessed yesterday, I never tell people outside of friends and family until it’s blindingly obvious. She said it was the way I was resting my arms on my stomach.
I’ve already had a few tummy rubs, which I’m not sure if I like or not..
It's also been a week involving the repetitive conversation as to whether Biryani is starting day-care yet? It’s just dawned on me that actually it could be around about way of saying ’When are you going to get back in the workforce and pay your taxes (although unbeknown to them I am already thank you).
Otherwise it seems like children are expected to start their ‘outside the home ‘career from age 1. There is nothing else they could constructively be doing is there? I think I should print a T-shirt for her saying ‘I’m a stay-at-home kid’
I feel she would like to attend some sort of playgroup where I can accompany her. But right now she has a lot social stimulation, be it mostly male, but also her grandmother and plenty of toys and other paraphernalia to experiment with. I did feel sorry for her this morning as she was desperate to go in the park after we’d dropped M and S off at school, but H was home alone with sleeping MIL and they hadn’t eaten breakfast, and it was cold and I hadn’t put her socks on, just winter boots, no waterproof trousers on, and I was really tired, and, and this means nothing to a nearly 2 year old. The TV had to be put on so I could get some horizontal rest. Now I shall take her out, despite the emerging gloomy mist and bathrooms needing sanitizing…

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'EF' x said...

It is so different from place to place about what is and isnt acceptable for young kids, I am still shocked by how different, age doesn't seem to dispel this.

What gets me is when there is an inference that NOT putting a kid in daycare at a very early age is tantamount to child cruelty.

It would be nice if there were some playgroups for mothers and little kids to be together in (as we have in England) but there are not, as all the women are out to work and all the kids are in daycare.