Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bureacracy Update

Well I rang the Education boss again as unsurprisingly he hadn’t got back to me. He told me he would be ringing his boss to find out the procedure re applying to home educate and would get back to me. He used the word ‘strax’ which I thought meant ‘next, presently’ but did double check in the dictionary. I was indeed right, but haven’t heard anything as yet.. Half of me thinks even if I don’t succeed at least it’s got them thinking about the concept that Home Education is an option here in Sweden, even if you have to jump hoops to do it.
DH back to Africa today and MIL went back to Pakistan yesterday, so back to reality of 4 kids and me.
The last 2 days M was off school (due to previously mentioned school trips), which did give a taste of home ed. DH even commented something like ‘It’s not so hard to home educate when you’ve got just one at home with you.’ Well I don’t know if it makes it so much easier, depends what you’re working on I suppose. But it was hard to keep him away from the computer. They are currently into Penguin club, which at least does involve a bit of reading, and not solely mindless shoot ‘em up type games. S actually plays with his friend in the other town sometimes, as penguins, I’m not sure if it’s real ‘social interaction’ but is cheaper than him using my mobile to talk to him all the time. It seems to have been hard to meet up with him recently (in the real world!) due to people’s other commitments.
Anyhow M did some Quran, more on spelling the trickier vowels (‘oo’, ‘oa’) He initiated his own game on the white board influenced by countdown, so he learnt the difference between vowels and consonants as well. Then while I had to have a nap, he did some of his maths workbooks from school. I woke up to hearing a little voice saying something a long the lines of ‘8, 12, no start again , 8, 10’ There was one number logic sequence he was supposed to fathom out, and I just couldn’t either. Maybe I was thinking too hard, but you get worried when 7 year old maths stumps you?! There must be an answer book teachers get their hands on? Maybe I’ll type it out when he brings his book home later and see who’s a clever clogs out there!
Biryani is watching Madeline on the TV , she says a v cute ‘ooh la la’ and actually there’s more French in it than I realised before. She also counts to 5 in Spanish (Dora). It’s a shame Arabic/ English cartoons are not so readily available. There is now a Jazeera kids channel on Sky, but it’s all Arabic at a relatively high level and also seemed to be some dubbed western cartoons which did look strange. Also more music on than the English cartoons.
The Dhuhr Adhan has gone off on the clock DH brought back from Singapore. She almost always likes to say the Muhammad RasoolAllah’ part but 'AllahhuAkbar' is pronounced in a v funny way something like ‘cluckley’
As for potty training, it feels like we are beyond the point of no return, she is v good with it as long as not wearing anything on the bottom half. Attempts to get her to wear pants/ trousers resulted in many accidents, which she must be thinking are going to do the same job as nappies. It has also been a nightmare getting her to put a nappy on for naps/ bed which I ended up having to do when she’s dropped off to sleep. So it’s tempting to leave the nappies on but seems like she is almost there so maybe a shame to stop?


ummrashid said...

Ia learns a lot from French computer activities. I have heard of some Arabic materials, but they seem much harder top get hold of.
Don't give up with the potty training! At least she is interested!

Us.. said...

Salam sister,

How old is your daughter for potty training? As long as I concern, potty training not going to work as we want if the children bowel didn't develop properly yet. After I read about this, with my younger one I found that potty training just easy when their bowel movement is actually ready.

UmSuhayb b David said...

She's nearly 2, the bowels are not a problem, I haven't had to change a dirty nappy in a while now phew!
Now the next hurdle is to get her to use a proper toilet, shes a bit afraid of them, We were out today and she wouldnt use a friend's toilet (there was no potty available), although many times she told me she let me know she needed to ('pee pee potty').
I know its so much easier to leave it 'til they're nearer 3 than 2 but with new baby around the corner and her being so keen, that's why I'm continuing.

UmSuhayb b David said...

wa salam wa rahmatullah Us.. (afwan)

Us.. said...

Emm. I do understand. My first and second is only one year different. My son at the age of 2 1/2 at that time still wearing nappies when I give a birth to my third one. I try once but then when I read the article about bowel development I stop. When the time come and it's only until a month before he start nursery at the age of 3 and 1/2, I start his potty train again. It take only about a week to settle him, alhamdulillah.
Than I realize how important to wait till they really ready. Other wise although they can do it, but it takes toll on us.

But of course every of them different. My girls easily train when she's 2.

Just for your info if it may help.