Friday, October 03, 2008

It was bound to happen..

Yesterday S was looking for something on the internet and came across a blog that was basically anti-Islam. It was some guy who posts any relevant articles from the media on his blog, many involving the kids' school. It sounds like there's a big resentment to any state funding of anything Islamic. Then I wondered if he would have picked up on our article about home ed. Of course yes, and being an Islamophobe home education wasn't his problem , but the fact I was a stay at home mother. He wrote, why does she not work, does she not want to,? Does her husband not allow her? Does it say in the Quran women are not allowed to work? Is it because she wears a scarf she cannot get a job? sunhanAllah.

Of course by being in the media these sort of comments are bound to come up and I hope by getting involved more good than evil came about. But of course anonymous comments were not allowed on the blog, in fact one had to be a group member to post a comment (not sure what the point of this blog was then unless it was just to have a good Islam- bashing- group-session) Anyhow there were no comments on the blog at all and I shall not post the link as I don't give publicity to negative websites, and I doubt many people read it anyway.

I have come across other such blogs by mistake, one 'monitoring' fundamentalist activity in our city, and I'm sure there are such things in the UK and all over the world. The funny thing is the extent they think the Muslims are organised, from my own experience organising some children's activities or a study circle is about as far as it gets....


ummrashid said...

Work is the religion of the secularist.

Itto said...

salamou alaikoum, I stumbled over your blog and love all the homeschooling inspiration. may Allah bless and protect you against all the negative out there. wish you sabr. xxx

UmSuhayb b David said...

ummrashid - or you could say secularism is the new religion (with footbal and shopping being some of its sects).
From what I could understand, there is a new law brought in recently that religious chools cannot teach their religion during school time, and there are critics of the kids school that a 'religious' muslim is teaching such subjects such as IT. They might have an influence on the kids thinking. Well isn't there a reason why parents send their children to religious schools then? all teachers are likely to have some influence on children's way of thinking and to want it to be less likely to conflict with parents, is this wrong? The time for debate and discussion of certain issues needs a certain level of maturity otherwise it just causes confusion, anyway thats what I think..
itto- wa aleikom asalam wa rahmatullah, jazakiAllahkhair for the kind words.