Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Equipment purchasing or should I stick to pebbles and sticks in the park?

I've been considering buying a laminator, on and off, but would it really be used? Or is it one of those pieces of equipment that get put in the cupboard to gather dust?

Also sticker making machines, has anyone tried, and before I go on a shopping spree(?!) how is it with 'Moon sand', how easy is it to control in terms of mess, and colours getting mixed up. Is like lego, that it's worth the mess for the play value it brings?

Any other equipment, activities (for any age really) that you could really not do without?

Biryani's been happy with her salt dough these past weeks, and it doesn't stay in the mouth for long!


ummrashid said...

Moon sand is ok, but eventually it will end up in your vacumn cleaner.I've never quite seen what I could do with a laminator. I'm really happy to have a printer at last!!!

Umm Raiyaan said...


I have a laminator and have used it sooooooo much. Don't know how I could live without one! LOL

Definitely buy in my opinion.

Umm Raiyaan

ummrashid said...

So, please enlighten me. What would I use a laminator for? This is a genuine question. Am I missing out on something here?

UmSuhayb b David said...

The sisters who ran children's Arabic classes used it to laminate their work (arabic vocab pics they'd coloured etc).
I was thinking along the lines of making card games etc, so that the cards can inshAllah stay intact for siblings to use at a later date. eg arabic vocab memory game we ve been playing recently

Umm Raiyaan said...


Yup, I have used my laminator to make my own resources, dua cards, phonic cards, puzzles, wipe off games and all of these can be used again for younger children.

Hope this helps insha'Allah.

Umm Raiyaan x

Miss 376 said...

I bought a laminator and it is well worth it. Meant that when they were little, things going in their mouth didn't disintegrate and as they have got older, given permance to other special pieces. Great for making bookmarks, door hangers etc

UmSuhayb b David said...

Thanks everyone for the comments, any particular brands that are reliable, and does it make a difference what type of laminating sheets you use (normal or matt?)

muslimah trying to home edu said...

Assalamu alaykum, wanted a laminator but never got around to buy one. Just thought the cost involved in buying the plastic pouches wouldn;t have been worth it. I don't make my own resources. I prefer already made! ;) I think in the end is the same cost as buying new.