Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ups and downs

I often wonder why it feels like there are not enough hours in the day. Even the smallest of plans seem hard to fit in to the everyday drudgery which necessarily repeats itself. Washing clothes, preparing food, it just has to be done. Only by doing these tasks more efficiently can there be a bit more time spare. I laugh to myself as I read advice for parents of young children to do only the bare basics so you have time to rest. What less can I do?, the house looks like burglars came and turned the place over. I can just ignore it and I am doing so as I write and otherwise not much would be written. But cluttered house= cluttered mind and I need to have some clarity in thinking to progress right now. I was discussing with S about how others in the neighbourhood have new cars etc, and this led to discussing double incomes. He perked up when I said if I worked we could have a lot more money. I even looked up mother-tongue teacher job posts. I thought this is me being pro-active in trying to get us out of this stress-inducing situation, that being the flat bursting at the seams with people, their stuff, need for personal space..

This is me writing after a weekend indoors, with poor little Hz with a sore throat and me fighting every type of microorganism. This is Winter in Sweden (again),


and I am waiting for the broadcast from Makkah to lift my spirits.

On a lighter note, my prayers were answered as yesterday the 'no satellite signal received' came up on the TV. You'd think I could just say 'No' to the TV, but with a concrete reason behind me, it's much easier as there's no point in debates. We even played Top Trumps with each other, and today I thought I should spend some more time with Biryani as I feel I'm expecting her to occupy herself too much. So we made Top trumps cards out of a toy catalogue. She was quite good with the sticking, and I wrote the headings: Price, Batteries, and Fun. I'd actually suggested to S he make some, but got no response. But as often is the case in order to get kids interested in something, I have to start doing it first. Once I'd done the cards myself, and they'd enjoyed playing them, they ( M& S) went on to make some more themselves, adding the category 'strength' (i.e. ability to stay intact at hands of siblings). A stretchy Scooby Doo was top at that.

Other things I've noticed to get reluctant participants to participate

  • Make quizzes to test parents on knowledge (e.g. on Arabic word meanings!)
  • Posh pens (calligraphy) to encourage writing.
  • Use of percentage or number goals

    e.g Rosetta Stone gives you the percentage correct of each section, M goes back and does it again until he gets 100%,

    Arabic reading practice, at the end of each page a word total is given and it accumulates so that after a few pages it shows a high number of read.

  • Use of a timer, good for getting tasks done (e.g. ready for bed)

    Hz is rolling front to back and back to front now, likes to stand being held and even stood a few seconds balanced against the coffee table the other day. Solids are going down well and sleep is generally OK, just last night he woke a lot due to his illness.

    Now I should sleep, tomorrow I have to rethink the monthly task sheet, redo the menu plan, and I want to finish an information sheet about Eid for nursery so they can talk about something other than Christmas (yes advent started today I think, well there were some very loud fireworks and the tree lights are on).


ummrashid said...

Sorry that you are feeling like this. I really do think that age three is a milestone. When your youngest child passes the age of three, unless he/she is exceptionally demanding, there is a real change. Plus having even one extra room makes a difference.
Even though it is hard to endure the mess, I think with under threes it is inevitable. Don't think it is just you. I'm sure it isn't.

UmSuhayb b David said...

yes i should think of it as character building, i.e. sabr. and they are so sweet a lot of the time.
I think its time to lower expectations in organised house at the mo'
Something about the short dark days means your amongst it for more hours i s'pose. i want to be more positive and less moany, but writing it down seems to help a lot put thing in perspective, esp if you can look back and think things do change and as bad as u think..

UmSuhayb b David said...

and ARENT as bad I mean