Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Take my money, just take it

But there are many who I think are much more deserving of it..

Car tax bill didn't arrive in the post, so had to pay reminder charge. 'It's the law' they say..

I forget to pay my elec bill, so pay it plus reminder charge, and finally get round to posting direct debit form. Then a week later the debt collector company sends a bill for the outstanding elec bill, what? I must have forgotten to press confirm on my internet bank when paying it, another charge. And I now await the interest charges (8%??!).

Just writing it down to let off steam as phoning up the companies here will just get you a 'It' s the law' response, rather than 'OK it's a first offence we'll waive it'

Alhamdulillah, what we have or have not is written already in our Qadr. I am too easily annoyed and doesn't my keyboard know it..

Right off to phone and find out if the direct debit form arrived, I lost trust in the Post Office a long time ago.

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