Thursday, December 25, 2008

A bit of a ramble..

You would think with three adults around the house I'd have enough time to get online. Hz has been keeping up the family tradition of not being so good with his sleep patterns of late. Adding to this he seems to be awake an awful lot in the day, and is at the stage where he wants to be up and about, causing trails of destruction, but physically he can't. He can just about sit up for a minute or so followed by a tumble. He likes to do swimming movements when lying on his front, but again goes nowhere fast. So we are talking over-tired, frustrated baby at the moment. However I know this is only a phase and it won't be long before he'll be off exploring, maybe to discover the delights of the recycling box, and the angry tones of 'No! Not in your mouth'.

Well it's now the holidays, after an extremely long term. Reflecting back, it has been (and continues to be) hard, trying to keep up things like Quran, English work. I remember my Mum getting me to do extra work so I would have a better chance of passing my 11plus. I really wasn't interested and didn't realise it's significance. I did quite a lot of work at school plus homework and more work seemed unnecessary. I feel it's a similar situation with my kids. However many times I explain the rewards of learning Quran it's usually hard (though not impossible) to get them to spend time on it.

I remember going back to work, part-time, after I'd had S, and it was harder than doing the job, full-time. I imagine if you're full-time home educating, then it's just what you do, and get on with it. Similarly to the way they now go most days fairly willingly to school, although still get the moans of how boring it is.

And boredom, this is still a usual complaint, but I'm used to it now I basically ignore it. S's friend was over for a couple of nights, and too much screen viewing was enjoyed. But when I suggested they do some drawing they actually did so and made some cartoon strips (in English). It's a bit of some extra training for S's friend's English, and he carefully corrected the word 'Characters' when I pointed it out to them, not the easiest word especially as it would be his 3rd language.

DH took them out and played a game he remembered from his childhood, involving lots of running and throwing, and he's also been getting them to run around the block with him quite a few times. Some really rosy cheeks filled the flat, it was quite chilly out today.

Christmas day is almost over, and thousands of Muslims throughout Sweden are no doubt satisfied to have got all their washing done without having to book the slot for the communal washing machines ages in advance (as of course doing washing on the 24th/ 25th is not on the mind of most traditional Swedes). We have started using the communal machines again as it saves a bit of money and the towels do come out all fluffy from the tumble drier.


ummrashid said...

So, I suppose you got a few loads of washing done then!

UmSuhayb b David said...

oh yes, and I then thought New years day is also a good time;)