Tuesday, December 16, 2008

quick, Hz calling

Hz has two teeth now, much earlier than the others. They were all mobile before gettung their teeth. They are tiny and sharp and don't I know it, you really want a bottle then mister?!
But I carry on with breast-feeding, much because of it's convenience and cost effectiveness as well as health benefits.
Today went out despite the grey, cold weather. Vitamin syrup for Biryani has run out, and her lack of proper eating cannot fail to worry me, despite her energy and apparent growth. How she grows I don't know, she even continues to go to bed atthe same time as me despite having no nap. However today she had one, so sneaking in a few mm I suppose.
School finishes this week,and it has been a long term. Hz is whinging and I think posts arestil likely to be short for the moment.
DH has been offered voluntary redundancy with pay till the end of 2009, so I now have a househusband, let's hope this is helpful!( and gets a new source of income asal , inshaAllah)

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ummrashid said...

InshAllah there will be new opportunities to move towards.