Thursday, February 19, 2009

Finally, some photos from half-term

The boys went on a trip to Copenhagen to somewhere that actually had more lego than our house, LegoWorld!

It was quite expensive but they did enjoy it and S and his friend won a building competition which got them 2 free tickets to Legoland (only thing is it'll cost us a lot to get there plus accomodation, and other kids tickets...)
I would have posted a few more pics but DH has done something to the computer as it was working very slowly. Now I'm not sure where all my saved stuff is, maybe on a memory stick Biryani was playing with earlier ?!. So there may be some more pictures later, maybe not.
Other activities they managed to do as DH is home: squash, bowling, indoor play place, visit to a friend's grandfather's big house in a village, crafty things with wool. Finally we got the snow most UK residents will be sick of, and so they were able to do quite a bit of sledging. It's almost completely gone now, and I was puzzled to find random pieces of carrot throughout our locality, then,*lightbulb*, snowmen noses!

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muslimah trying to home edu said...

Assalamu alayukum,
my son just looked at your pics and was so amazed...yet another great fun of Lego!!
BTW I have an award for you come and collect it at
wa alaykum assalam