Friday, February 13, 2009

It’s amazing that anything has been done

Alhamdulillah, things have been a bit slow round here recently, with everyone having their turn at being ill. First was H, then M had a day off school (first time this academic year I think), Hz, us adults, Biryani (who had a fever the other night) and finally S has had a day off today with a sore throat. Most of us are still in the final snuffles, but combined with Hz's frequent night waking my brain is again imitating cotton wool and temper is hard to control, Alhamdulillah. The health food shop had run out of vitamin syrup and I am trying not to worry about Biryani's unusual and miniscule diet. So far today it has been 1 Weetabix, crisps(it's Jummah!), a small amount of pomegranate, a spoon of another cereal, one bite of some toast dipped in an egg..

A little bit of recent Home Education:

S does ask me to test him on his current Surah for school.

Talked about the difference between Great Britain, UK, England, Scotland etc as it had come up on an English test. Admittedly I had only thought about it fairly recently, I can't recall learning this at school.

M has started to like reading before sleeping, a tactic I tried when they just wouldn't settle for bed (as all kids share a room). I think he could stretch himself more but he tends to choose the easier books.

H now and again enthusiastic to read his Peter and Jane books, and has surprised them by reading some Swedish at nursery.

Biryani - today everything equalled '2', but when I said 'What's 10 take away 8?' it was 'equals 5'. She knows that when a number question is asked the answer is 'equals' another number.

Loves drawing people (including fingers and hair) and I keep coming across them at about a 2 foot level on the walls of the flat.

Hz- can now 'crawl' although not so efficiently as does not lift stomach off the ground. Particularly enjoys playing with sky remote, lamps, computer wires and computer chair- aargh.

Eating A star, but biting me a bit too much. Sleep F

I might try and catch a nap soon (or lie down with my eyes closed).


Shukr said...

that's as good as it gets sometimes isn't it!

Shukr said...

'or lie down with my eyes closed'

re: that bit!

UmSuhayb b David said...

In fact I did get to sleep, v deeply, alhamdulillah, but woke with such a pain in my foot I couldn't walk and MIL had to take over for the evening!