Saturday, October 03, 2009

From Summer to Autumn..

Is it just me or has blogger just got more annoying? I try to delete photos I've posted erroneously and it doesn't let me by just clicking on it and pressing delete. I try to write text for the photos and it comes out blue and underlined. I try to move photos around the post, it doesn't let me. I then enter the unknown of 'Edit HTML' which does the job but somehow seems a step backward.
Anyway! as I sit here, in my cold living room, with the rain and blustery wind pelting the windows, I take this opportunity of procrastinated photo-uploading, to appreciate the change of seasons. Feet adorned with fluffy socks, I accept theat summer is OVER. It is time for ferreting around in the cellar cupboards for winter clobber and trips to the shops (groan) for new jackets etc where hand me downs just aren't going to do the job.
So here are some snapshots from my phone (Allah knows best where the proper pics are on my computer).

At the end of August we went to Stockholm, hurray, out of Skåne. Here is our 'little red house' about which Biryani makes regular requests to return to and 'climb out the windows' which is how the kids decided was the way in and out of the cabin (Dukes of Hazard eat your heart out).

We only went for 2 nights, but I had to wash Biryani's clothes as the wait at reception was too long for her poor bladder (it had been over a 6 hour drive).

There is a lake in the distance which M was v keen to swim in, and so DH was also obliged to enjoy a freezing dip. This is a ski resort in the Winter.

Stockholm old town, just before it poured with rain.

and back home, Hz catching a late afternoon sunbeam.

The 'flower mountain' on the way to one of the favourite parks in our area.


with umbrella, now deceased, partly due to blustery outing we had today.

Some autumn colour at the zoo, it's full glory not shown by the picture, I just couldn't stop looking at those red leaves..


ummrashid said...

MaashAllah, it all looks so beautiful.
I've never been able to figure out how to move, edit photos with blogger. I just upload them in reverse order!
Are you quite sure Hz hasn't been quietly editing the HTML? Surely he has found a way to breach the computer defences. That jaunt in the highchair was probably his human catapult training, for getting over inconveniently high objects.

UmSuhayb b David said...

Those computer defences are long gone, since he could easily climb over the boxes in the end. Now I'm just wishing someone'd invent childproof computer/ monitor switches, as I'm having difficulty typing this withthe monitor being switched onand off and the mouse clicked every few seconds, aargh!