Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some bits from the surface..

Some (almost) instant gratification autumn decoration making, inspired by Itto's blog. MashAllah one not to miss for lifting the iman, creative homeschooling, and seeing how it is to live a world away but have so much in common....
These poor little rosehips were at the receiving end of a post-argument, pre-menstrual needle, and even had a bit of a tangle with Hz's interested paws...

The new place for schoolbags, coordinated nicely doncha think?

and the wires fascination continues.

The new map of the world has been holding some interest, esp populaton density figures!

There's a lot more on my mind but so much to do depite MIL being here, so hope for some time to air it inshaAllah.


itto said...

salam sister,
Im happy you liked the idea... and it looks great in your home!
xxx itto

UmSuhayb b David said...

itto - wa aleikomasalam wa rahmatullah, why thankyou!