Sunday, September 05, 2010

End of the Summer

This Summer has been characterised by : Chicken Pox, Weeding, childminder-run, car problems, and not making it to the UK.
Or if you look at it another way: immunity, harvesting lots of salad, Hz starting to speak Swedish, and maybe a bit of Sabr..

The photos above are mostly of the activity day organised by the recycling (rubbish plant) centre at a nearby nature area that we went to on the last day of the holidays. They are cooking bread on sticks over a wood fire and enjoyed eating it. The children and their friends who came along made some entries to an art competition using recycled materials . They used an awful lot of spray paint (much enjoyed) and glue, and it is questionable as to how environmentally friendly this activity actually was!! They climbed some climbing walls, S shot some targets with a real gun and they got a horse and carriage ride. There was an opportunity to get a bus tour of the rubbish plant which actually I am quite curious as to what they really do with out rubbish. But that'll have to be next year as there wasn't really so much time, and the thunder and rain arrived and we decided to go home.
The buns are the only bread I've cooked for ages, I've really got out the habit which is a shame. Time seems to be at a premium nowadays, as the infrequency of my blog posts indicates. I've been under the weather and went to sleep around 9 pm last night with the litttle ones!

The school run is now really complicated with 3 places to drop them at. S has now got used to his new school I think. On the first day it brought back my memories of starting a new secondary school, with all the different classrooms to locate, and different subject teachers. 3 days a week he starts v early( around 8 am) and this is pretty tiring, alhamdulillah. Anyhow inshaAllah things'll get easier, especially if S agrees to take the bus by himself.
Eid coming up and as usual I'm completely disorganised, but as I may not get a chance to blog before then, wish you a happy Eid and that Allah rewards you for your fasts in Ramadhan.


Judy Adamson said...

Those buns look terrific! And I remember all too well when you started at the grammar school. You looked so small in your enormous uniform and it was a very long day with all the travelling! So I hope Suhayb soon settles in - it could take a bit of time but that's 'normal'.

Country Mouse Studio said...

I wonder about what they do with the recycling also. I'm not sure how cooking bread over a fire is recycling??
those buns made my mouth water, yum

UmSuhayb b David said...

Judy Adamson - no uniforms here, thankfully, so no white shirts to keep cleaned and ironed! Still S willl have to learn to tie a tie eventually I suppose.

Country Mouse Studio - the bread was a different activity, promoting a type of scouting activity. People here heat their homes with wood quite a lot too, there are quite a few trees here (for the moment!)

Jean said...

What a great idea for an event. I would love to try cooking bread on a stick over a campfire.
I adore children's artwork. It is so pure.