Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's harvest time!

We had many tomatoes on the allotment, it looked like it was going to be a bumper crop. August's rain put a stop to that and many had rotten before even ripening, so I decided to cut my losses and pick all the green tomatoes and make them into chutney.
It is actually quite delicious, even better than Branston Pickle if I do say so myself!
The balcony tomatoes were also disappointing but some have ripened and can be eaten in salads.
However we managed to aquire quite a bit of 'food for free': plums, and apples,
and I have my eye on the elderberries (that managed to avoid being picked by some crazy muslim woman making drinks out of their blossom) which may make a lovely pair with the apples I have left. We shall see if the energy exists to do this or that I buy the usual strawberry squidgy stuff from the supermarket....


Judy Adamson said...

Well done with the chutney! I agree it's much nicer that the stuff you buy.

The same thing happened to my tomatoes last year and I read (too late!) that you can make little plastic 'raincoats' for your tomato plants to stop them rotting!

ummrashid said...

It all looks lovely, maashAllah.