Saturday, June 02, 2007

Lots of flower piccies

Yesterday we drove to school as per usual. I find the initial part of our journey quite picturesque, and so I remembered to take my camera with me.

This is a house I see every day on the way home, would be ideal for us, near the amenities but also in the country with no neighbours so we could make as much noise as we wanted.

But then maybe just as well we don't live there as this has been the area where the Swedish army are having a practice weekend. Having a mild version of what it's like in Gaza/ Baghdad as tanks noisily driving up the local roads, gunfire and a helicopter flying overhead. Alhamdulillah, we're in a situation where my kids were actually quite excited to see these war machines rather than being terrified their house was going to be demolished.

And this is a beautiful field I glance upon from the road, in my younger days would have jumped in the daisies.

One of the kids thought this scene was worthy of a photo, and I think so too mashAllah, Summer is here. And these are the flowers we picked. I'd thought of the idea on the way to pick up the kids, and to my surprise on the way back, someone was already there picking daisies (Prästkrage- Skånes national flower S tells me - they do learn something at school).
M had been slightly disheartened having to leave a craft project just as he was getting started in 'fritids' (after-school club he goes to while he waits for his elder brother to finish otherwise he'd finish around midday), but the flower-picking was just his cup of tea and cheered him up.
As we were gathering flowers, 2 more cars pulled over and more people got out to pick flowers too. Of course they had scissors with them and put them into neat bunches.

and here's the end result. Summer is here, or so I thought as it was woolly hat and rain in the park just now!

Now this picture is from a day last week just to remind you what the park looks like just below our balcony, but for the more astute out there, notice the spiderman top that has ended up on the bench. It was very windy one day when I was washing clothes, I can't find my pegs (I'm on my 2nd batch of them, who is stealing them??and when I did give in and try to buy some more they didn't stock them any more at the supermarket). I think someone has kindly hung up the shirt. In fact a new-looking mountain bike was parked nearby the swings for over a week recently, without being locked without being stolen.
and I just love these flowers in along the path leading to the play area and so do the bees..

Also have written a post in Selective mutism blog, a bit more on the serious side....


ummrashid said...

Asak, Lovely pictures maashAllah. I really don't like urban streets in summer. Just looking at the greenery makes you feel cooler.

'EF' said...

I don't like the army stuff. They go for it a lot over here too. Sometimes we get their choppers flying illegally low (yes, they are not allowed to fly that low) over our house..I spose they think cos it is in the middle of nowhere that it doesn't matter. It does and the kids freak totally.

The look of absolute terror on their faces when it has happened (about 4-5 times in the winter) has made me realise with a lump in my throat how awful it must be for those having to deal with this stuff every day. I get scared too..but mostly angry. Who do they think they are - them hero boys? Grrrrrrrrr.

*ahem* but yes, apart from that, the flowers are lovely ;)