Friday, June 22, 2007

Scout camp hurrah, no dib dib, we're in Sweden

There’s still one carrier bag full of stuff left to unpack and can’t find the shower gel we took with us, but finally shall try to recall some of last weekend’s activities. (brain pretty numb as scout camp always involves lack of sleep, plus not sleeping till after Fajr as its so early, plus Biryani having a cold and waking what seems like every 5 mins).

But on a positive note the summer hols means can wake without my mobile’s alarm cuckooing at an unearthly hour. M informed me that the big hand was ‘between the 2 and 3’ and the little hand near the nine when I lazily asked him to check the time.
But back to camp. This year I did not have the bliss of ignorance as regards ‘fästing’ (ticks) so this was at the forefront of my mind throughout. Not for the faint-hearted here's a pic. The first year I went I was ignorant of these little minibeasts, but now know they are v common in Swedish forest and if not removed promptly can have nasty complications. So trousers were tucked into socks and insect spray liberally applied. (The herbal one without the DDT still stank to bits though) In fact there were no myggs this year, maybe cos of rain and in the end only H had one suspect one behind his ear, and DH had one crawling amongst his arm hairs but got it before it bit.
Weather was very rainy on the first day so indoor activites mostly. When it cleared there were lots of pretend battles, weapons easily available with all the sticks lying about. The defending of Sarajevo may have been re-enacted (with the help of S’s friend from Bosnia) or else Darth Maul beat Darth Vader, who knows. Lots of fires were made in the indoor and outdoor fireplaces and had a barbq in the drizzle. The fire drill went very well, one of the sisters doing a very realistic impression of someone terrified because the kitchen was ablaze. S spent most of the day making grilling sticks by carving sticks with a knife. On the second day the weather picked up and I managed to avoid again the morning exercise session. We had a crafty afternoon making boxes out of coloured thick paper, which M much enjoyed and he went on to give a demonstration of this at the Muslim playgroup a few days after.
Biryani and H did a good impression of cling-ons and wondering if better to stay at home with them next year.
BTW Biryani now stands quite capably and can get up to standing from sitting. She’s done a couple of steps walking (more like falling) so we’re on the home straight for another biped.

Manly wood-carving

H's view of the camp

A good roaring fire, what you need in the middle of June in Sweden

The outside of the dining room and some beautiful forest, mashAllah

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'EF' said...

I have pulled off maybe 50 ticks since the beginning of the season. My kids are always covered in them. The main thing is to get them off before they have been on 24 hours..but at the end of the day there is no 100% way to protect them. part of life..annoying little bloodsuckig parasites that threaten to paralyse us with their bacteria..*sigh* don't read between the lines on that one..LOL.