Friday, July 13, 2007

I am back..

but had some sort of virus/ exhaustion from trip to UK combination that have been doing the bare essentials recently.

Here's some photos from the trip:

Dartford bridge, and substantial traffic, which in fact was relatively light compared to some parts of the motorway, that's what too long in Sweden does to you. Admittedly it was mostly moving but bumper to bumper gets me very worried. People do drive like that here sometimes but why,when ther's so much spaaaace? More grey clouds, weather rainy throughout trip, Alhamdulillah.

View over London from bridge. Went over 2 toll bridges during trip, but still felt cheap compared to Ă–resund bridge.

A glimpse of blue sky above the clouds courtesy of Easy-Jet, and what beautiful clouds, mashaAllah.

I think there might be some more interesting pics on DH's camera but whether they'll evr make it to the blog is another matter. Anyhow the trip was not for sightseeing but to visit friends and family, so of course for the sake of anonymity they won't be on here..

My Mum managed to help M to read some of the small books in her reading scheme, they climbed a Welsh mountain and nearly got blown off it (while I tucked up in bed for the afternoon). Biryani found a love for stairs, which meant someone was on constant baby-watch in houses without stair-gates. Saw babies and children all growing up fast, mashaAllah.

Had the biggest family room ever in one hotel, I mean to have floor space left after all of us must mean it was large.

As for today, have been trying to peel boys and their friend away from flickering screens to no avail. Weather still rainy, and even when I took them to the main library, they headed straight to the computers there. What about books, literature, the written word on paper?. I do think these machines should have restricted access in libraries but maybe I'm old-fashioned, maybe eveything will be on-line and bookcase manufacturers will be out of a job (I hope not). Still you're reading this on the screen...

Kids had a bit of a run-about in the park where there were some very hungry ducks, geese and mosquitos. (Yes I was in charge of 4 boys and a baby, the part-time single-mom)

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ummrashid said...

Asak, Those are actually pictures of light traffic driving well spaced. You've been away from the A406 for too long.