Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Found cable..

but then DH had to find the program to let me upload the photos to the computer, so I was going to have an early night but 'don't put off til tomorrow..' etc etc

So here are the tomato plants, mainly for my mum's benefit so she can feel happy her British tomatoes are way ahead..There are some on there, honest. Bought some organic food for them, smelt like Marmite, so may be cheaper just to use that? Then search on internet brought out conflicting views on healthiness of Yeast Extract. Apparently it's just like MSG?? And then that led to finding out about Sodium Laurel Sulphate (something like that?) in soaps, bubble baths. Oh ignorance can be bliss?

Plus the satellite dish is never far away so we can keep up with some UK tv, but takes up too much space.

Biryani, mashAllah, managing to water the plants. This is the 3rd attempt, the 1st went the wrong side of the pot, the second she overcompensated and the water went all over her clothes!

One of the kids took this of the ice hockey match, S always wants to be Finland!
Imaginary conversation between my son and Fox news reporter:
'Are you Muslim or are you Swedish?'
' Muslim and I might consider Suomi as long as they keep their nice shirt colours'

A glance on the usual state of my floors, Swedish dictionary cast aside,pants (hopefully clean) and chuppels (a pair, a rarity) found all over the shop(flip flops in English).

Planes kindly folded by DH, we used them to learn the 'n' sound with jolly phonics in the English lesson, then they decided they wanted me to be the target, lets move on to 'c' shall we?

Oh and we had a drama as whilst I was writing the homework in their books, they set off the microwave in the hall/kitchen of the room we borrow. The one of them came in shouting 'Eld eld' (Fire fire) I thought for a moment it was a joke as it was the same boys who enjoy a good imaginary (and real) police chase and now it was the fire brigades turn. But then I quickly thought to take them seriously and the microwave was on fire! I managed to put it out with a damp towel (remembering to remove the plug first, brain still functioning slightly). The following lesson the tap was turned on rapidly and a big knife found on the draining board, have to keep all 4 eyes on them, oh boys!!

S is sleeping over at his best friend's tonight, his first time away without me. I was shocked he wanted to as he'd said recently he wouldn't ever want to. DH thinks he's spurred on by M who stayed over at a friends last night. It was very peaceful and felt strange, in fact I missed him a lot and kept thinking how awful it would be if this was permanent, keep thinking what my child would be doing if he was here. Madeline McCann story influence I think. Where is she???

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