Friday, July 27, 2007

Pictures to follow inshaAllah

I can't find the wire, must have got lost in the great computer change-over.
Oh yes, did I mention rain, Alhamdulillah it’s continued here too but not as bad as in the UK. So wondering if tomato plants are getting enough warmth to increase and ripen the fruits? DH wonders at my fascination with my plants, but these are the first proper success I’ve had with gardening, be it on a balcony. Most plants I have had tend to shrivel and die (as I forget to water them) except of course the cacti. If you look back at March archives (as if u have time) you’ll see there has been a lot of growth, despite various acts of sabotage when they were used as a punch-bag during strops. Maybe because actually it was S who planted them and it was my neighbours who had cared for them while I was away when the first flowers appeared, that they’re a success, no, of course all life comes from Allah swt and all praise is due to Him. DH thinks these will be very expensive tomatoes, if and when they finally reach the plate. So far we’re looking at about £1.50 each but it’s early days yet (cost of compost and big pot, rest of pots recycled from plastic section of recycling room, water, not metered so already paid for) and if I repeat this in years to come of course the costs go down. Anyway, it’s not to save money, it’s the satisfaction, the good feeling of tending something small to something bearing fruit (hey this is a metaphor I’ve heard before). Oh and so I have an excuse to escape the war disaster zone otherwise known as my flat. Haven’t got an allotment (yet) but could be good….
I have ‘taught’ 3 English lessons so far, and have come across the usual playing-up-cos -my mums-the-teacher-situation. Any suggestions? Problem is M is a bit ahead of the others and wants to say all the answers etc. Anyhow it’s getting me a bit focussed on the reading and cursive writing..
They’ve been playing with the ice hockey table, going to the park on the one sunny day to find they were cleaning out the man-made moat they can normally swim in. Did I forget to mention saying ‘I’m bored’ on numerous occasions?
Me and a sister came to the conclusion that to be realistic, any form of serious cleaning, tidying up can only be achieved after the holidays are over, but what if I was home-educating, how is sanity preserved? By a trip of lil’uns to Pakistan I expect but still this has yet to be organised.
DH is now officially off on ‘Parental leave’ at 80-odd% pay (can’t quite remember but it’s enough to get by on). One black-out blind has been installed in boy’s room so they don’t wake up with the birds (well actually S should be for Fajr but that’s another story), Biryani’s awaits, owing to the cloudy weather the light going through the normal blinds is not so much as usual so I’m not nagging (yet). One new bicycle has been purchased today awaiting construction as DH decided S must learn to ride a bike, a rite of passage I spose. Have put it off as it’s been hard for me to teach them myself with the other kids around, DH away. One time when S was about 5, I did take him out, I was heavily pregnant and he just cycled off into the distanced and I literally could not run after him.
Now they’ve rung me up to say they’re sitting in a long queue for a free car-wash promotion, now let’s see if a bike is cycled today (I do hope so). Oh a clap of thunder, maybe they don’t need a car wash after all!


'EF' said...

My other comment was eaten by blogger....argh!

Anyway, just to say I've spent a lovely ten mins reading your last couple of blog posts..the images of you and your friend and all the children and the policeman were very I know that one where kid goes off into distance and trying to huff and puff after them when pregnant. *wheeze* *huff* *puff* brought back memories that did :)

And your tomatoes sound yummy.

ummrashid said...

Asak, This is not the answer you want, but in my experience the playing up-because it is mum thing is a tough one, ie I haven't solved it! By the way your bread tip really worked well!