Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Finally uploading sour dough bread adventure (don't I have anything better to do ?)

I finally found my camera (again) as I'm often having to hide it as it is v popular with kids.
I hide it and forget where I put it...

Here are the pictures from my 'sour dough adventure'

Add 1 dl water (40 degrees) to 1 dl flour, stir, cover and leave at room temperature for three days.
DAY 2 Stir every day, note strange smell!
until.. DAY4Add 1 liter of water (40 degrees) and 1 liter of flour, stir, and leave to stand one more day, covered.
and voila....
Divide the 'dough' (more like soup) into 10 parts and freeze if you're not needing it right away. Will last 1 year ,apparently, in the freezer.
and here is some bread made with it. You only need a little (2 1/2 dl or so) for 12 dl flour.
and here is the end product, not quite like the picture given by the recipe but I tried. S liked the bread and it does give quite a distinctive taste. I eventually got round to looking into sour dough on the internet (I could have done a project on it if I was being home educated, but just ate the bread instead!) . This method was used before they had yeast as a leavening agent. The recipe I used did only have 10g of yeast in it and rose quite well.


Oum Anas said...

Mmmm, home-made bread, mashaa Allah.

Us.. said...

salam sister,

that's nice..