Tuesday, April 15, 2008

laptop broke down

so I don't have much time to write as have to grab a slot on DH's laptop when he's not using it for work.
Had a long, helpful conversation on the phone today with a home educator here in Sweden. So have to do my 'plan' to submit asap. Without computer a bit of a struggle..
Kids came homefrom school enthusiastic about making a 'recipe' from plants from the park. I said it mighthave to be a perfume rather than something edible which they were satisfied with. So my kitchen is awash with shredded grass, leaves and lavender.
I also have to go around picking up after Biryani's newfound puzzle obsession. (Last week I realised I'd haved to try and collect together all the pieces randomly distributed about thehouse so she could actually complete one without having a distressed/ frustrated look on her face as the last 2 pieces are missing.)

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