Sunday, May 25, 2008

After 5 years in Sweden..

finally made it to my first 'loppis' (flea market/ car boot sale). They are usually too early in the morning for us, but this was a special kids one, and it was free to sell things. Otherwise the amount we'd make wouldn't be worth the normal 100 kr or rent for a space.
There were many people there mashAllah and it was a beautiful day to be out, I was glad I packed lots of water.
H went off with the camera and took a photo of a nearby stall.

The lady next to us had obviously immaculately ironed her baby clothes/ sheets to sell, and I heard her refusing hard bargains put up by the punters. Me on the other hand just wanted to rid myself of stuff so it was 2 kronors a go,and so some people looked pretty pleased with their bargains.
S, on theother hand mashAllah spent time sorting his marbles, and typed out a price list. He was pessimistic about selling anything but in the end he was pleased with his results.

and here is H's view of the world again, his transformer which he now wants to sell, alongside one of their other (unfortunately) favourite items, the Sky remote control..

and Biryani showing her real useful skill of peeling garlic skin off garlic cloves. I used to use a method I once saw on a cookery program, of putting them in the microwave for a few secs, which loosens the skin. However 2 year old fingers seem much more efficient and the garlic is not half cooked before you even start.

But it really is classic 'terrible twos' nowadays. Tantrums as she wants to do her own car seat belt ('Biryani do it!') 'No like it, lucky (Yucky)' if I try to feed her anything somewhat nutritious.

and as for potty training, well for some unknown reason she's just not been making it to the potty on time these last few days, and so trails of pee to clear up are driving me nuts. I had even started taking her out to the park without a nappy on, but now we're seemingly back a few months. She hasn't sensed something with all the minuture baby clothes drying on radiators has she?

As for me, stomach feels like it's reached capacity already, and there's at least a month to go inshaAllah. DH has to be in London quite a bit as sorting out flat for new tenants, and MIL hasn't managed to get a flight yet. So feeling a bit strange, it's always like that that a few weeks before I'm expecting the delivery there is some sort stuff going on, meaning putting one's feet up while sipping raspberry leaf tea is but a faint dream..


ummrashid said...

I've been enjoying the photos. U has trained herself to be dry night and day, but she refuses to take the nappy off, so she is now in expensive, non-washable underwear.

ummrashid said...

I've just thought....5 years!!!

UmSuhayb b David said...

yes! it's about 6 months longer than H's age! However can't feel like the phrases 'born and bred' in Sweden really apply to him and Biryani. I suppose the 'bred' part would mean being exposed to a lotmore Swedish 'culture'