Thursday, May 01, 2008

Some fiddling about....

and I can now upload photos alhamdulillah,so here are some pics of life over the last couple of months, oft taken from a 4 year old's view of the world.

H's pics from nursery where they get the paints out more often than I have done recently (you may recall kitchen bomb-site which I am not in the mood for again). I shall have to summon up the courage to get the poster paints out again..

My nice new tablecloth which remained intact for a few days but now has the usual pen marks, holes from 'accidents' with scissors and rips from enraged sons. I did like the coordination of flower colour, balloon and yoghurt pots. Petit Filous shares should be going up in value as they are still the staple diet.

and also a source of foot painting...

Biryani studiously reading herself a bedtime story.

The various plants from our park, now chopped and ready to make the perfume, as mentioned on a previous post..

DH saw this and said 'Who's house is this?' , a moment of Lego/ Duplo tidiness..

My kingdom for a .. new toaster, this one's timer is completely shot, the wires warped so you get an uneven burn, and it's always done its thing of popping too much if it's only one piece, this time it didn't land on the floor.

A day out on 'Earth Day' to a 'fritidhem' afterschool club which we are also allowed to use for scouts. Not sure if driving the gas guzzler there was part of the spirit of things. Above are the special fires in which they cooked organic salmon, and it was v nice with that sauce that is spelt something like 'tzaktiiiii'
The rabbits which had some little horse jumps to hop over.

M trying out this special bike, which I was disappointed can only be rented by handicapped people. I thought maybe it'd be suitable even if wearing a long skirt..

H's pomenagranate plants are growing strong, mashAllah

S has to watch a kid's science programme in Swedish as part of his 'TV- homework' He had observed them showing how they made a typical Swedish, well delicacy is a bit complimentary, sweet, called 'cocos toppar' . So quite a bit of excitement whisking egg whites and melting chocolate, and they did turn out qute similar. Only down point was we only had digestives as the bottom layer, wheras they normally have wafers on the bottom.

Today is a public holiday so the boys have spent a lot of time playing transformer battles with their own invented lego versions. There have been disputes as noone wants to be the 'bad guys'.

Lunch was provided by M and S who decided they wanted to make a falafel reataurant (they'd been out for a meal with Dad yesterday after school). They did quite well mashAllah, organising the production line and a tiny bit of writing taking the orders. They wanted to charge for the products but when I hinted they'd have to pay me as the supplier of the ingredients they changed their minds. They did get a tip from their Dad though.


ummrashid said...

I've enjoyed these pictures, maashAllah.

Anonymous said...

'by enraged sons' - lol - oh I know I shouldn't laugh, but it is in sympathy so I think it okay. I often have enraged sons storming about too. I hope they will grow out of it.

EF x